Solar power plant for your home

Solar power plant for your home

Solar power plant with a double guarantee, which we set up for you in a completely carefree process. Your safe investment in a green future!

A safe investment with a guaranteed return

  • Immediate reduction of electricity costs
  • Become independent of rising electricity prices
  • We arrange acquisition of subsidies

Reliable technology with a double guarantee

  • Extended double warranty with added manufacturer's warranty
  • Professional staff with +10 years of experience
  • Top technology and the best solar components

No worries - we will do everything

  • Management of the entire process
  • Power plant will be ready for upgrades
  • Possibility of remote control of the power plant

A safe investment with a guaranteed return

savings in 30 years:
12.960 €

Immediate savings with a payback period of 7-9 years *

  • Households spend an average of 4,500 kW hours per year. At an average price of € 0.16 per kW, this amounts to € 720 per year or € 60 per month.
  • The price of a medium-sized power plant with a power of 10 kW, which we are building for you in the company Helium Energy, is around 11,000 €
  • You will repay the investment in the power plant in just over 12 years, and the estimated operation of the power plant is 30 years
* Under optimal conditions and 100% energy consumption at the power plant location

A safe investment in the future

Helium solar power plant is a safe, low-risk investment. With it, you will insure yourself against rising electricity prices. Additional security is provided by our double guarantees, where we offer you a guarantee as well as component manufacturers.

Grants and subsidies

For Helium solar power plant, you can get a € 180 Eco Fund subsidy per 1 kVA. In the case of a power plant with 10 kW of power, this amounts to a € 1,800 subsidy.

All the necessary documentation and the entire process of obtaining the subsidy will be arranged for you.

Only the best is good enough for your home

Double extended warranty

We guarantee reliable operation of the power plant with an extended double guarantee. For individual components of our solar power plant, we offer a warranty of 10 to 12 years, and at the same time we add a direct manufacturer's warranty on all components and a 2-year warranty on the entire power plant. For a peaceful and carefree sleep.

Top professionals with 10+ years of experience

Building of your solar power plant is in safe hands. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in setting up solar power plants and will be with you from the very beginning, from the preparation of documentation to the handover of the power plant into your hands.

Top quality and reliability of components

Extremely durable microinverters. Ultra durable housing with IP 67 protection standard. Airtight, watertight.

Panels with exceptional efficiency. Monocrystalline solar panels with PERC (Passivated Emmiter and Rear Cell) technology for even better use of solar energy.

Weather resistance. Panels with improved performance in non-optimal conditions, greater durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

Anti-hail protection. Class 3 ANSI FM 4473 hail protection up to 4.4 cm in diameter.

Be wory free

Our team of experts will take care of all procedures;
we will only involve you when absolutely necessary. No worries, you are in good hands.

Ready for upgrades

Your solar power plant will be designed in such a way that you can easily upgrade it at any time with a heat pump, car charger, solar canopy, additional panels or a house battery.

The solar power plant will be adapted to all your wishes and potential upgrades.

Guaranteed quality


Za vas bomo celoten postopek uredili mi

1.Priprava ponudbe in preverjanje izvedljivosti

Glede na vaše informacije bomo pripravili oceno investicije za elektrarno na ključ s podrobnejšim opisom faz izgradnje in faznih plačil.

Po pooblastilu kupca naredimo idejno projektivo, uredimo celoten postopek preverjanja izvedljivosti in pridobimo soglasje za priključitev. Izdano soglasje zagotavlja možnost priključitve in določa pogoje, ki jih upoštevamo pri izvedbeni projektivi.

Po zaključku te faze se sklene pogodba za izgradnjo elektrarne na ključ.

2.Izvedbena projektiva in izgradnja elektrarne

Pripravili bomo PZI projekt za izgradnjo, naročili vse materiale in določili končni rok za izvedbo.

Pripravili bomo vloge za Eko sklad ter izdelali statično presojo, presojo požarne varnosti in projekt strelovodne zaščite.

Ko so urejena predhodna plačila in je material na zalogi, se začne z izvedbo.

3.Priklop in garancijsko vzdrževanje

Na elektro bomo v vašem imenu podali vlogo za priklop in uredili vse potrebne dokumente. Po uspešni priključitvi bomo pripravili prevzemni zapisnik, uredili izplačilo subvencij in izdali račun.

Vsem kupcem garantiramo 2-letno izvedbeno garancijo na celotno elektrarno. Po preteku izvedbene garancije nudimo možnost letnega vzdrževanja in kontrole.

Calculate savings

Enter your roof data to estimate savings.

Roof area (in m2):

9559 W

9272 €

Payback period:
6.3 years

The calculation is made for a power plant on the roof with the position SE - S - SW.

Želim več informacij

Want more information or information offer? Trust us your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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